Meghalaya pins its hopes on Modi

SHILLONG: First-time voter Sarita, who has just landed a job at a renowned corporation as a software engineer, is hopeful that she will be able to work in her home state as soon as Narendra Modi, who has promised "all round development", becomes Prime Minister.

"Pragmatic as he is, I am sure the new PM will realize the fact that Shillong, which has a suitable environment for the IT industry, has no avenues for the youth today," said the young lady, who works in Bangalore, far away from her home here.

"The state government must take up issues of development, especially creation of job opportunities in Meghalaya with the new government at the Centre," she said. "The natural resources of Meghalaya have been wantonly destroyed and the rich coal reserves plundered by a few who have become filthy rich with no benefit percolating down to the masses, who continue to live in poverty," said an environment activist.

He expects the new PM to take notice of this and "step in" and prevail upon the state government to "correct the situation before it gets completely out of hand".

"I am hopeful that a decisive person at the helm of national affairs will not allow any state to slide down the economic ladder," said James, a native of Nagaland, who has business interest in several northeastern states, including Meghalaya.

"As he has reportedly done in his home state Gujarat, we expect Modi to encourage and help build infrastructure in the northeast, which is lagging far behind the rest of the country in this aspect," he said, emphasizing particularly on road, rail and air connectivity. "Like Gujarat, we would like to see a 'vibrant' northeast too," echoed Alisha, a budding entrepreneur, who aims to tap the "inherent sense of fashion" among the youth of the northeast.

"I am sure a true people's PM will be able to take the entire country into confidence and usher in peace and progress. After all he has been able to garner all round support from every nook and corner of the nation, like no other leader has done in recent memory," a member of the local Modi Fan Club said.