Pro-ILP groups make presentation to Meghalaya CM

Claiming that indigenous people in Sikkim and Tripura were being reduced to minorities, pro-Inner Line Permit groups today said Meghalaya should learn from the condition of the two states.

"Sikkim and Tripura are glaring cases in point where the local indigenous people are being overwhelmed and their socio-economic and political interests have become critical," Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People (FKJGP) president Joe Marwein said in a presentation to Chief Minister Mukul Sangma here.

"There was an urgent need for a comprehensive mechanism to regulate influx into the state in line with the spirit of the 1873-legislated Eastern Bengal Frontier Regulation Act which was the basis of the ILP," he said.

Maintaining that as the ILP was not implementable in the state on legal grounds, the Chief Minister said, "We have from time to time reiterated the need to come up with an alternate comprehensive mechanism which the NGOs today demonstrated by structuring these proposals.

"The proposals have been structured in a manner which can be perceived as implementable," he said, adding that it was now up to the state government give shape to it so that it could be implemented legally.

Pro-ILP groups had held the state for ransom for four months since September two last year with a series of office picketing, shutdowns and violence resulting in the loss of three lives and damage to properties worth over Rs 50 crore.