A tribute to weavers and craftsmen of Meghalaya

Designer Sidarth Sinha draws inspiration from the Northeastern state's heritage for his show at fashion week.

"The atmosphere of this historic state evokes surreal dreams of the art and culture of days past which I have represented in my collection," says textile designer Sidarth Sinha about Meghalaya. His collection for LFW Summer Resort 2014 draws inspiration from the Northeast's colonial heritage, from vintage Assam bungalows to the Victorian architecture left behind by The British Raj.

The Government of Meghalaya will be supporting his label N&S GAIA at the Lakme Fashion Week 2014 to be held in Mumbai as an emerging designer in the Indian Textile category. With their support, he is devoted to promote hand-woven textiles of the state.

Sidarth is committed to using natural fibres to produce sustainable and essential fabrics for products, as a tribute to the environment. While his label is more driven towards western fashion sensibility, Sidarth stays in constant touch with his roots and is dedicated to research and development in the areas of natural dyeing and traditional crafts of Northeast India. This collection is a tribute to the weavers and craftsmen of the state of Meghalaya.

Fabrics and techniques The fabrics used in the entire ensemble are 100 per cent hand woven with natural dyeing techniques. They have weaved an ikat pattern for the first time in Meghalaya, with cotton, eri and muga blends. The collection highlights the precious craft of Meghalaya 'Dakmanda' (hand picking pattern to produce fine intricate hand plucked embroidery in the weaving process). Says Sidarth, "We have blended yarns by mixing silks (mulberry and eri) and cotton to reduce the thickness of the fabric for its drape ability. We have also weaved an ikat pattern for the first time in Meghalaya, with cotton, eri and muga blends. We have collaborated with Dakmanda expert weavers to highlight the precious craft of Meghalaya."