MPF to seek Governor’s intervention on law and order

The decision was taken at a meeting of the MPF that includes United Democratic Party (UDP), National Peoples' Party (NPP) and independent legislators held on Monday following the law and order breakdown in the state resulting out of ongoing Inner Line Permit agitations and insurgencies in the Garo Hills region.
"We as the oppositions decided that we will approach the Governor, to apprise him of the situation and request him that there is a need for him to intervene on this regards," MPF secretary James K Sangma who is also NPP legislator told reporters in Shillong.
He informed that a delegation of the MPF will call upon the Governor soon to apprise him of this situation.
"We will first do our primary duty which is to meet the head of the state, Governor apprise him of the situation because till today we are sure that whatever the Governor has been hearing is one sided provided from government agencies," MPF spokesperson and UDP working president Paul Lyngdoh said.
According to him, the situation is such that the MPF wants to response in a manner that it will not be accuse of taking political mileage out of the present situation.
On Garo hills scenario, Sangma said that there is a breakdown in the law and order in Garo Hills in term of insurgency related incidents.
According to him, only this year till date, 19 civilians have lost their lives to insurgency related activities and nine security personnel were killed by
insurgent outfits. The latest was the killing of five police personnel in South West Garo hills district.
In addition, Lyngdoh said that in 2009, insurgency related killings there was one civilian killed and no security personnel and four insurgents killed which total was only five.
"Today in 2013, total of 46 human lives have been lost. In 2008 it was 13 and in 2009 it was 5 and today it has reached 46 and last year it was 48. These facts speak for themselves," the MPF spokesperson said while stating that the government cannot compare Meghalaya with Manipur as a yardstick to measure that the situation is alright there.