First resolve influx issue internally

SHILLONG, Nov 13 – Amidst the ongoing agitation by the NGOs demanding the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Meghalaya, the State government has said that the issue of influx has to be resolved “first internally” by the local people who are also to be blamed for the problem.

Chairman of the Ministerial group on the draft Tenancy Bill and Minister for Forest and Environment Prestone Tynsong said that the Inner Line Permit only seeks to resolve the issue at the entry point but the issue is much more complex than that. He pointed out that many of the local population must share the blame for abetting influx by letting benami transaction of business to flourish, which is the perfect recipe for influx of non-tribals into the State. He further said that in the mining areas, it’s the local people who bring in non-tribal people from all over the country.

“These are internal issues that first need to be handled and my appeal to the NGOs and everyone in the State is to understand it,” Tynsong told reporters here.

The Minister said that all institutions must come together to fight this influx issue, which is a concern for the State. These institutions include the District Council and the traditional bodies across the State.

As Chairman of the Ministerial Committee, he said that the NGOs should come for the consultative meetings and share their opinions on the draft Bill and also the influx issue.

Meanwhile, the night blockade called by the NGOs came into effect from this evening at 8 pm. A similar night blockade has been called on Friday night.