Differently-abled kids win 26 medals for Meghalaya

SHILLONG: Meghalaya has won 26 medals at the National Games for the Deaf, 2013, organized by the All India Council of Deaf at Aurangabad.

The students of Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre of Ri-Bhoi district represented the state in the event which comprised differently-abled children from over 25 states in the competition.

"This was made possible only with the help of the Army Madras Regiment," a defence release said.

"It all started with Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre, Umniuh-Khwan, Ri-Bhoi, Meghalaya, requesting Army Madras Regiment to train their students for the various sports events. The institute is an early intervention, education and rehabilitation centre for disabled children of the northeast. Many of their students who are speech and hearing impaired were found to be potentially good in sports," the release said.

The Army regiment held a coaching camp for 15 students of Ferrando Speech and Hearing Centre for a month in December last year. The coaching was meant to assist these students to participate in the Silent Olympiad at Mumbai and the national games at Aurangabad.

"This was the first time ever that students from Meghalaya won so many medals at the national level and will be representing the country at the Olympics for the Deaf at Bulgaria," the defence statement said.

The Army has volunteered for further assistance in training of the students.

Commander of Mountain Brigade at Umroi Military Station under the aegis of Red Horn Division said, "We consider ourselves privileged to have helped these children to achieve this remarkable feat. We as an organization are committed to the people of our country and we will be happy to continue our support to these students. I am confident that these kids will do great at the Bulgaria Olympics and make Meghalaya and India proud".