Paragliding used to spread poll awareness in Meghalaya

Shillong, Nov 7 : The state of Meghalaya goes to polls in 2013, and the state election commission is making all possible efforts to reach out to the voters. One method being used for promoting poll awareness is paragliding.

"Enroll to Vote, Last Date Oct 31". This was the message that was recently flashed high up in the sky over Shillong to attract all unregistered voters above 18 years of age in Meghalaya, and make them get a voting card before the 2013 polls.

It is part of a 10 day campaign "Systematic Voters' Enrollment and Electoral Participation - an election commission initiative that aims to increase enrollments and electoral participation in the state.

The Meghalaya Paragliding Association and the state election commission promoted this campaign from October 22 from the Shillong Golf Course.

"In this regard I would try to request all eligible voters, especially the young people who are slightly reluctant to enroll, to kindly come forward and enroll and make use of this opportunity," said Sanjay Goyal, Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills.

State governments in the Northeast have been running campaigns to provide electoral cards to the people of the region. The printing of the final rolls will take place on January 5, 2013.