Meghalaya to hike ad-hoc teachers' salaries

Under pressure from thousands of school teachers, Meghalaya cabinet today decided to raise the salaries of both ad-hoc lower primary and upper primary school teachers.

There are 1225 ad-hoc lower primary schools having four teachers each and 844 ad hoc upper primary schools having two teachers each in the state.

“The salary of the ad hoc lower primary school teachers has been increased to Rs 12, 000 per month while Rs 25,000 for the upper primary schools,” State Education Minister R C Laloo told reporters after the cabinet meeting held here.

He said that in the case of ad-hoc lower primary schools, out of Rs 12,000, Rs 6000 will be distributed to two teachers who earlier were getting only Rs 3000.

Similarly, he said, for the ad-hoc upper primary school, the amount of Rs 25,000 will be distributed to three teachers of which Rs 8000 for two teachers and Rs 9000 for the head teacher.

“A total amount of Rs 1,764 lakh is required to meet the additional expenditure for the enhancement of the salaries of the teachers, which the cabinet has approved,” the minister said.

The enhanced salaries would be made effective from December 1, 2012, he said. The state government had revised the salary for the lower primary in April 1, 2007 while for the upper primary school in April 1, 2010.

Meghalaya had witnessed a lot of agitations by school teachers at the different levels demanding their legitimate rights in this year alone.

Meanwhile, the cabinet has also dropped the export duty of locally bottled beer from Rs 100 to Rs 2 only per case while raising the duty on imported beer from Rs 50 to Rs 86 per case. The exercise is expected to raise about Rs 5 crore for the exchequer.