NGO seeks solution for hate drive

Shillong, Aug 24 : The North East Support Centre and Helpline, a Delhi-based NGO, has asked the Centre and the law-enforcing agencies to bring a long-term solution to the recurring problem of the hate campaign against the Northeast people in various states.

The spokesperson for the organisation, Mandhu Chandra, in a statement released here today said the issue of Northeast Indians fleeing from the mega cities of India are not taken that seriously by the parliamentarians, compared to the discussion of CAG report on coal issue.

“The nation is yet to establish the trust among the Northeast communities,” Chandra said.

The NGO, a combined initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students and lawyers, seeking to prevent women harassment and abuse, and protect the Northeast people and indigenous communities of different states.

Chandra said, “The sympathy shown by all the political parties in this regard, particularly by BJP leaders Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley, has turned out to be absolutely fake.”

“The rumour and the subsequent fleeing of the Northeast communities in fear of being attacked, is yet to be sorted out,” Chandra added.

According to him, the Centre still needs to reveal the invisible forces operating within India and take action against them. “Some sections of society in Delhi and other cities have been discriminating and attacking the Northeast communities for the past few years,” he said.

The NGO strongly believes the racial hatred against the Northeast people in Delhi and other states will increase, if hate messages against them continues.

They also asked the Centre to take steps to stop racial profiling of the Northeast people.