Bangladesh acting on its promise made to India: Sangma

Tura (Meghalaya), Jun 5 : The Bangladesh government is acting on its commitment to India of "not allowing their land to be misused" for any anti-India activities, Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said today. "In a response to the hands of friendship extended by India, Bangladesh is acting and is officially committed to ensure that their land shall not be misused for any anti-Indian activities," he told reporters before departing to attend the CWC meeting of Congress chief ministers in Delhi. Sangma, who had just returned from Bangladesh last week, said the Northeast would have prospered had the trade and commerce been opened long back. "We are pursuing these efforts with the determination of sustainable engagement between the two countries for a mutual development on all spheres," he said. Lauding the efforts put in by the UPA leaders to improve the bilateral relations with neighbouring countries, Mukul said, "The foreign visits made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to bridge relationship between neighbouring countries, is paying dividends." "The neighbouring countries are willingly acting to take prompt actions to ensure that cordial relationships are being maintained," he said.