Meghalaya choir to compose music score of Malayalam movie

Shillong, Jan 14 (PTI) Meghalaya sensation ‘Shillong Chamber Choir’ will set the music score for Malayalam movie ‘Goodbye December’. Composer and the man behind the choir group, Neil Nongkynrih said today “we agreed to do this project as the script suits us as a team and secondly as a choir group.” The choir will record more than five songs including composition of a background music. “Although Malayalam is the most difficult language to cope with while singing, it promises to be pure fun as a composer and for the boys and girls in the group,” Neil told reporters. The Choir group recorded their first Malayalam number in Kochin last December but as the girls and boys have to appear for their school and college exams, other recording could also be done in Shillong besides Mumbai. Asked how he and the team cope with the shift in their working environment- from composing/singing Opera to studio recording, Neil said, "It is a different territory and all of us are working hard to adapt to the demand of the new environment.” According to Neil, "The script was too good to say 'No'. This assignment was tailor-made for us as the script is about a choir group." "We worked hard. It took the boys and girls a month to make the pronunciation right," Neil said. According to Neil, his band members were made of differently abled persons who would make music anytime, hum any songs anywhere.