Garo Hills scene out of hand: Conrad Sangma

SHILLONG, Nov 4 – Leader of the Opposition, Conrad Sangma today asked the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma to immediately hold a meeting of the security commission as the Garo Hills ‘situation was going out of hand.’

In his letter to the Chief Minster, Sangma said, the security commission meeting is long overdue and it should be held to discuss the worsening law-and-order situation in Garo Hills.

“The law-and-order situation is really serious and getting out of hand. As a member of the security commission, I feel the commission should meet immediately and discuss the situation and look for resolution of the same,” he said in his letter.

He said separately to reporters that fear psychosis has gripped Garo Hills as even MLAs are threatened and getting extortion notes from the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA).

“People have lost confidence… more armed forces coming won’t solve the issue, but the government should think in terms of giving special economic package for the insurgency-prone areas of Garo Hills,” he added.

He said that economic measures should target creation of job avenues, especially for the youths, with the help of local leaders and involvement of the Church. Moreover, the government must try to put in place basic amenities for the people of the three districts of Garo Hills.

Sangma said that the GNLA problem can be solved by inviting the outfit for talks with the government. “The government must invite the GNLA for talks so that the situation is brought under control. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth approach would not solve the problem,” he maintained.