Meghalaya to introduce change in mining policy

Expressing concern over the unscientific rat hole mining prevalent in Meghalaya especially in Jaintia Hills areas, Deputy Chief Minister In-charge Mining, Bindo M. Lanong, has stated that Meghalaya government has incorporated certain clauses in the proposed State Mining Policy which would make it mandatory for miners to refill the land after conducting mining operations.
“We would not allow any miners to leave the land where unscientific rat hole mining has been carried out without refilling it. The Government would ensure that this is being implemented in its true spirit since it is a matter of life and death for the people residing in those areas,” Lanong said.
He said that the Government would also encourage planting of trees in all those areas where mining activities take place considering it the most effective way to preserve the greenery of the mining zones.
When asked about the recent incidents in Jaintia Hills where several cracks have appeared on the earth’s surface, Lanong said he had sought a detailed report from the department in this regard.
“I would be able to give detailed information only after I receive the report. But the government would not take this incident lightly,” the Deputy Chief Minister asserted.
Unorganised rat hole mining in the coal rich belt in Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya has remained a concern as it is posing hazard to the environment. These sometimes turn to death traps for mining workers too.